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Sinine is Estonian electronica singer/songwriter/producer Mauno Meesit with additional vocal performance by Liina Rätsep and live-drums by Jaagup Tormis.
Dreamy vocals, driving basses, large drums and beautifully blissed-out synth textures characterise the second full-length album "Dreams Come True" by the Estonian electronica act Sinine.
On this album Sinine's mastermind singer/songwriter/producer Mauno Meesit has teamed up with the brilliant female voice of Liina Rätsep as well as several guest vocalists.
Sinine's compositions organically blend a pop sensibility with elements of rock, electronica, dubstep, classical, ambient, folk and trip-hop music onto a single album underscored by Meesit's distinctive musical handwriting.
Universally appealing and at the same time surprisingly intimate, Sinine's songs combine a polished surface with raw emotional depth and a highly personal vision.
"I am interested in creating only heartfelt music, " says Meesit. "It can be either hauntingly beautiful or ragingly powerful — sometimes both —, but it always has to have this special element that will make it more than just a song."
Having already broken the boundaries between pop and alternative music with his previous "Butterflies" album in 2009, Sinine take the idea even further with "Dreams Come True". "Dreams Come True" will move hearts and bodies as well.
It was fall 2003 when Meesit, after having played guitar in several rock bands, started searching for ways of making more personalized music. In addition to playing guitar, he started experimenting with electronic music, and his solo project Sinine (the Estonian word for "blue") was born. Today Sinine is a band with powerful and expressive live shows. Talented musicians beside Mauno Meesit are Liina Rätsep on vocals and keyboards and Jaagup Tormis on live-drums. Sinine's first album Butterflies was released on September 18th, 2009 on the prominent German label Accession Records and was highly acclaimed by fans and critics. In October 2012 Sinine released his second album Dreams Come True that went straight to first position in German Alternative Charts. Also first Single "Sel Teel" was in Estonian Radios Top 10 for 9 weeks. And this is only the beginning...
- "Newcomer of the Year" title at Estonian Music Awards 2009
- "Best Electronic Music Artist" nomination at Estonian Music Awards 2010
- SININE has also shared stages together with well known bands such as The Birthday Massacre (CAN), Diorama (GER), Diary of Dreams (GER) and many others.
- "Highlight of October" title in 2009 in one of the leading electronic music print magazine in the Germany - Sonic Seducer.